Getting Schooled on 'Caginess' by a Nicolas Cage expert
An interview with Lindsay in Vice magazine…. Read More
Cage scholar Lindsay Gibb
An article in The Ringer about Vampire’s Kiss that quotes from National Treasure: Nicolas Cage…. Read More
A Wisecrack video about Nicolas Cage’s approach to acting that uses research from National Treasure: Nicolas Cage…. View Video Here
Canadian Cage academician Lindsay Gibb
An article from The Skinny about Lindsay’s 2019 video-essay for Scotland’s Cage-a-Rama…. Read More
...Lindsay Gibb, author of National Treasure: Nicolas Cage and world-leading Nicolas Cage expert...
An article about Lindsay’s appearance at the 2020 edition of Cage-a-rama, Scotland’s Nicolas Cage film festival… Read More
Placement on the National Post’s 2015 top books of the year list…. Read More

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