Some samples of Lindsay’s professional writing:


National Treasure: Nicolas Cage ECW Press – 2015

Debunking the common claim that Nicolas Cage makes bad choices. Nicolas Cage knows what he’s doing and, as a result, he’s the most experimental and original actors we have.
Gold medal winner in the Pop Culture category at 2016’s Independent Publisher Book Awards.

The Yule Lads – 2017

A collection of stories about the origins of the Icelandic Yule Lads and their unique personalities. Written by Lindsay Gibb and illustrated by Matthew Daley.

Comics and Critical Librarianship Litwin Press – 2019

Lindsay authored the chapter “Minicomics Workshops and Comic Arts Fairs to Empower Our Communities.”

Professional Documents:

Best Practices for Cataloging Comics and Graphic Novels Using RDA and MARC21 American Library Association Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table

A document that guides cataloguers and metadata specialists through best practices for cataloguing comics and graphic novels in various settings.

Magazines and Web:

Moonstruck review MADE|Nous website – 2022

Recommending Norman Jewison’s classic romantic comedy, Moonstruck.

Last Night review MADE|Nous website – 2021

Recommending Don McKellar’s end-of-the-world film Last Night.

Nicolas Cage in sunglasses and a hat

TIFF 2019: Color Out of Space NOW magazine online – September 2019

Coverage of the premiere of Richard Stanley’s H.P. Lovecraft adaptation at TIFF. Nicolas Cage was present and sang a song he made up.

Nicolas Cage’s stand-in steps out in Hot Docs short Uncaged NOW magazine online and print – April 2019

An interview and profile of Marco Kyris, Nicolas Cage’s stand-in from 1994-2004.

Toronto bookstores and designers are stepping up to fill the sex-ed void NOW magazine online – July 2018

Rounding up resources from activists, artists and booksellers that could help teachers and parents in the wake of the Ontario government’s roll-back of the sex-ed curriculum.

Deaf Zinesters Won’t Wait Up Broken Pencil magazine – Spring 2018

Profiling the work and activism of deaf zinemakers.
“The intersecting experiences and barriers encountered by Deaf folks have long played out in zines by Deaf creators. Looking back to the 1990s Riot Grrrl zines, Lynn Y Hou’s zine Cyanide was born from similar desires to deal with varying aspects of identity.”

Our Queer Children’s Heroes The Establishment – June 2016

“When television shows for children break heteronormative barriers, they stretch the relative powers of their characters and allow children to not only see themselves or their relatives in their programming, but to see that the world is bigger than what children’s programming has traditionally shown them.”

Why Pee-wee Works for a Big, New Generation Overthinking It – March 2016

Examining the queerness and agelessness of Pee-wee Herman and why these are the keys to his longevity.
“Pee-wee’s most literal message is that difference should be embraced, not feared.”

Biographical Zines Bitch magazine – December 2015

“History shouldn’t be treated as static information—biographical zines offer a way to tell stories of the many marginalized figures who are overlooked in textbooks. As a genre, biographical zines may not be as well known, but they’re definitely worth digging up.”

Educating with Zines Broken Pencil – Fall 2013

“By mediating the zine-making, teachers run the risk of losing the original point of zines — creating a piece that follows the creator’s own rules — and they may unwittingly blur the lines between a zine and an essay that is folded to look like a zine. ‘As soon as zines get known, they get co-opted. So, I feel like teachers can share what a zine is or do some exercises with zines, or support their students that make zines, but they shouldn’t get too involved.'”

Mad Zines  Broken Pencil –  Fall 2011

A piece on mental health zines.
“Mental illness, with its long history of mass misunderstanding, is ready for its extreme zine close-up. And more and more people are turning to the spontaneity and truth of the zine to express the state of their mental health.”

Trade Publications:

Tantoo Cardinal  Playback – 2011
Profile of Tantoo Cardinal, a legendary Canadian actress who  has dedicated her life to the arts and ensuring that Indigenous Peoples are well represented within them.

Reinventing the word ‘documentary’   Realscreen – 2009
A piece on the NFB’s innovative Filmmaker in Residence project which embedded a documentary filmmaker into Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital.

Right Place, Right Time  Realscreen – 2009
Profile of documentarian Joe Berlinger, director of films such as Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster and Crude.

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